Appointment information


Adiona Safety Seats’ mission is to INFORM, EDUCATE and PROTECT. In order for us to accomplish this goal it is important that the caregiver understands not only how to properly secure a car safety seat but why it is important. Every caregiver will receive a professional one on one with a specialist that will explain every step of the procedure and answer any questions you may have. Our priority is making sure that your little one is safe and that you can continue these best practices moving forward. Please take a few moments to read below what an appointment will entail.

We offer a 10% discount to Active/Retired Military! Please let us know after booking your appointment and we will apply the discount when we take payment. Please have ID available.

NEW! Remember Everyone Deployed – Free installs for spouses or caregivers for children of deployed service members. Contact for details.

Thank you for serving.

Before your appointment –

Gather the information from your car seat

  • There is a small sticker located somewhere on your seat. Usually it can be found either underneath the seat itself or along the side. This information is necessary to determine if your seat is in date (less than 10 years old) and if there are any recalls on your seat
  • When you book your appointment be sure to include this information
  • If your car seat is out of date (more than 10 years old or past the manufacturers guideline) please purchase a new seat. We are unable to install any seats over 10 years old or out of manufacturers specifications per regulation

De-clutter your vehicle

  • It is important to always have a de-cluttered vehicle. This is important because in the event of an accident any loose items become projectiles and can cause serious injury
  • The installation specialist will need the room to properly access the seat belts/latches to safely install your seat
  • The installation specialist will clean the area of the seat that is being installed so you won’t have to move the seat just to clean it anytime soon

Prepare questions for your installation specialist

  • Our installation specialists are more than just installers! They are educational resources for you! Please ask any questions that arise. Adiona Safety Seats is committed to educating you so that when you leave your appointment you feel confident and comfortable with your installation and the process involved


Upon arrival

Upon arrival our installation specialist will confirm a few things.

  • Your car’s make, year and model. (which you will provide prior to the appointment)
  • Your car seat age and model (also provided prior to the appointment)
  • We will also verify your identity at this point

Next we will remove the car seat (if installed) and discuss whether it was properly installed or not and how to improve. Next we will clean the area in which the seat is being installed as well as the car seat itself. We will wipe down the seat, vacuum the area and prepare to install.

Adiona Safety Seats will provide a rubber liner seat protector to keep your seats free from more noticeable indents from the seat installation. If needed we will use foam noodles under the car seat and on top of your seat to allow for the proper incline angle for your child’s protection.

Once we begin the installation you are invited to watch so that you might have the opportunity to recognize the need for a tightening or re-install. After our specialist has conducted the installation please feel free to ask any questions you may have. This is an excellent opportunity to understand how your child’s car seat was installed and when it may be necessary to re-tighten or re-install.

Our specialists will discuss your child “graduating” to the next setting or seat. When to expect this change and how to accomplish the adjustment.

After your appointment

Keep your seat installed correctly. Safety seats can loosen over time so it is important to routinely check to ensure they are still safe. The specialist will explain what to look for moving forward so that you can tighten and adjust your seat as needed. If at any time you feel you need a check up or re-install please feel free to reschedule. We offer discounted rates for prior customers to receive re-installations.

Adiona Safety Seats is committed to the safety of your loved one as well as your satisfaction. If after the specialist leaves you seek clarification or more assistance please contact us. There is nothing more we want then to be certain that we have left you feeling comforted and informed in regards to your installation.

Services Available

Single Car Seat Install – Adiona Safety Seats will send out a certified specialist to the place of your choosing to perform the install. The seat install can be scheduled on the Schedule an Appointment page.

Additional Car Seat Installations – Appointments can include numerous installs. Please be sure to relay how many seats you will need installed during the scheduling process

Follow-up Car Seat Checks – Available to clients who have had their car seats installed by Adiona Safety Seats. Follow-ups are typically shorter and will include checking the seat for tightness and proper harness sizing. Rerouting of straps and re-installs may be necessary and are included. We will also be available to answer any questions you have.

Last Minute Car Seat Installations – We ask that appointments be booked at least 24 hours in advance. In some circumstances we understand this can’t always be accomplished whether due to family coming to town or perhaps the baby has arrived. If you need a car seat installed within 24 hours or need it outside of our available appointment times please give us a call and we will work to get your seat safely and professionally installed. This install includes all of the features of our regular install to include cleaning, educating and answering questions.